LIONS, WARC and Contagious collectively power creative marketing that matters

Under the umbrella of LIONS Learning, LIONS, WARC and Contagious come together to offer a collection of career-moving courses, showing you the benchmark of creative excellence and effectiveness and equipping you with the tools to chart your own path to distinction.

Our courses and their curricula are rooted in the experience we, and our thought-leading community, have in the industry – covering thousands of examples of award-winning creative excellence and the impact they’ve had on culture, business and society.

LIONS academies co-working space, student working on laptop.
Where other programmes go broad on marketing skills and heavy on academic theory, our active learning is laser focused on creativity and evidence-based principles of effectiveness delivered by the industry's best. Delivered online, our courses include interactive - including live sessions with industry leaders - and fully on-demand options so that you choose the pace and time commitment that work for you.
LIONS academies co-working space, student working on laptop.

Who our courses are for

  • For creatives

    Developing your creative excellence skills and thinking with us provides you with insight into how the world’s best work was made and signed off, and a tool kit full of habit-forming techniques instead of theory. So you – and your agency – get recognised, retained and rewarded.

  • For marketers, strategists & planners

    Learning with us will help you on your path to utilising creativity from start to finish. Giving you a toolkit that will help you prove the business case for creativity, understand how effective work happens and create the conditions for your team to achieve it.

Why choose LIONS Learning?

  • Our references are based on real-world examples, layered with expertise from industry leaders

  • Backed by over 70 years of setting the creative benchmark, our bank of impactful work is the world’s biggest – packed with data and insights on what makes creativity truly excellent

  • Our position at the intersection of the industry will show you both sides of the coin, for stronger client–agency relationships down the line

  • Learn with the best from every corner of the world. Talent, tutors and experts who will leave you with knowledge, and a network, for life

  • Our objective take on effectiveness has dissected every piece of effective marketing. We’ll help you do the same by ensuring your learning is led by substance, not just style

“I would wholeheartedly say this has been the best course I've ever taken, will be recommending to many, and will refer to the literature for the rest of my career”

Chloe Andrews, Senior Account Manager, FCB

WARC + James Hurman Master of Advertising Effectiveness Alumnus

“Attending the Cannes Lions Academy has been more valuable than the four years I spent at university, hands down”

Darrien Case, Creative Academy alumnus

LIONS Learning

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